Andrew de Mille Fundraising Consultants

Andrew de Mille has retired

Andrew de Mille has retired after a uniquely long career as a fundraising consultant spanning 41 years and working with well over three hundred different charity clients.

All business enquiries to Andrew de Mille Fundraising Consultants are now being routed to Tarnside Consulting.

Why Tarnside

Tarnside is led by Patrick Boggon who was employed by Andrew de Mille in the early 1990s and gained the experience, support and guidance on which Patrick's fundraising career - and hence Tarnside - is based. Tarnside started as Andrew de Mille's Northern office, and was formed to enable Patrick's move to complete independence in about 2002.

Andrew de Mille says "Patrick has taken everything he learned from me and built on it. Tarnside Consulting is a highly successful practice with his own personal stamp on it. Given our shared core values and fundraising practices, I have every confidence that in today's market the Tarnside team offers a level of service that is second to none. Patrick follows my advice of never over promising and never exaggerating past success - his testimonials show success after success in some very challenging major projects."

A Thank You from Andrew

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people - clients and colleagues - with whom I have had the privilege of working since 1971. It is your dedication to your widely varying causes that kept me inspired and motivated to give everything I could to help you achieve your goals. I always felt that any failures were mine and successes yours; fortunately the successes far out number the disappointments, and that is down to all of you. It has been a deeply rewarding way to spend a professional life.

Thank you.

Andrew de Mille